Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cookie-Making Day at Grandma's House

Last week, I spent the day at my mom and stepdad's house baking cookies for the holiday season. This is a tradition in my family, though a highly caloric one.

For me, cookies have always meant love. In my family, we show our love by baking, and Christmas is the ultimate time for showing love. (Also for shoving cookies into one's mouth, though that is another kind of love entirely.)

Nick was able to help with most of the steps, though he spent the day in and out of the kitchen. He liked shaping the cookie dough, and even let grandma carve out a cookie shaped like his hand!

Henry was old enough to try helping just a little bit. He preferred the eating of the cookies, the stealing of the cookies, and the crumbling of the cookies.

Mostly he just caused mischief, but Henry loves to copy what we do and he adored helping Grandma with the gingerbread.

Here is our official cookie-tasting team. Grandpa is curled up with Nick and Henry, taking a break from the hard work of tasting cookies.

In addition to cookie-baking, we also decorated homemade fudge with melted white chocolate. Nick loved helping with this part.

We made tons of cookies, fudge, dipped pretzels, and one big mess. Gigi and Nick liked sprinkling the chocolate-dipped pretzels best.

Only one week left of school for me, and plenty of cookies to help celebrate Christmas.

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