Sunday, December 23, 2012

Storytime with Santa

Last Wednesday night, Grandma Toni and I decided to take the boys to a special "Story time with Santa" at the library. The only thing that put a damper on the experience was that Greg didn't leave the stroller for us.

For Henry, it was "run around the library shrieking happily" time. This is the only time he sat for a story. I believe his sitting lasted about thirty seconds.

Then the running and dancing started anew.

The boys did a craft project where we traced their hands and attached antlers, an eye, and a nose to make a reindeer.

Nick loved the hole punch. Henry kept trying to eat the glitter glue. I don't blame him. It did look pretty neat.

The ornaments turned out pretty cute. Nick's is on the left. He decorated with the glitter glue instead of trying to eat it.

Oh, and of course, Santa was there. . . and this time, I got my Santa picture with both boys smiling. Henry seemed more used to the idea this time.

It's a really good thing that Henry sat on Santa's lap instead of Nick. We figured out right after we walked out of the room that Nick had wet his pants. Ah, well. Merry Christmas.  :)

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