Monday, October 22, 2012

Please turn in here, Mommy!

I have trouble every time I drive down Ogden Avenue lately. Whenever I pass the Cafe 'N Play, Nick starts begging. "Please turn in here, Mommy. See? There is the Cafe 'N Play! I want to play with those toys." When I have papers to grade, I give in and let them play.

This place is more expensive than a playground, but it is fenced-in, so the boys can't escape. Henry can grill us up some imaginary food, and Nick can drive like a maniac in their giant plastic hummer car.

Henry loves to pretend to shop. I wonder where he gets that from?

I usually grade papers or get work done and drink coffee while I watch the boys play, but sometimes I bring my nook and sit on the floor in the play area.

I've been known to play a little pretending with them as well. When I sit on the floor with them, I can read a book and eat imaginary food at the same time.

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