Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brunch and a Boo-Boo

This morning we went out for brunch with Grandma Toni at Mimi's Cafe. We like going there because the servers are so good with the kids.

I had the best foamy cappuccino and yummy pumpkin pancakes, and Nick got "Mimi Mouse" pancakes. I love going out to brunch, because of the relaxed atmosphere, the slow drinking of coffee, and the joy of eating a meal over which you can pour syrup. I think Nick loves brunch, too, especially when he gets to sit next to Grandma Toni.

Oh, about the boo-boo. . . You might notice a dent in the center of poor Henry's forehead. This mark is proof that no amount of childproofing is ever enough. He slipped in the bedroom and whacked his head on the metal bed frame. Poor little doodle.

Sitting on the same side of the booth is about as close to a date night as Greg and I have gotten lately. It was nice to sit next to someone without sticky fingers and a potentially full diaper, though. We need to get out more.   :)

I love this picture of Henry with Grandma Toni. It looks like Henry is trying to feed her some Tabasco sauce. Grandma Toni does NOT like spicy food.

I'm already a little sad that the weekend is ending. I wish I could have a redo of this lovely Sunday, starting with sleeping in and a nice brunch. . .

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