Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marmion Abbey Pumpkin Daze

On Sunday, we went up to Aurora with a friend of mine and her two boys to visit Marmion Abbey for the Pumpkin Daze festival. It was very cold, but the kids had an excellent time.

I really liked the petting zoo. There were very patient farm animals, and the boys loved them! Henry kept hugging the goats and sheep.

I was surprised at how kind the goats were to Henry. He was fascinated by their horns, and even tried to ride one. I stopped him as soon as I noticed, though!

I think it's good for kids to see the animals that we eat. The next time Nick and I munch on goat cheese, I can show him this picture and remind him of where goat cheese comes from: a mommy goat!

I love fall. The hot cider, the apple donuts, the crunchy leaves, all of those things can be savored at a pumpkin farm.

We have now visited three pumpkin farms this year. This one had unlimited bouncy-house visits.  :)  The boys adored the unlimited bouncy visits.

Nick liked the games, though they weren't fancy. He loves anything where he can throw stuff. I can understand the allure of that.

Nick loved having older boys to play with--he gets bored with bossing around Henry. We walked through a corn maze, too, but I didn't take any pictures of that. I find corn mazes fairly boring. Throwing beanbags is much more interesting.

This pumpkin farm didn't have carnival rides, a haunted house, or face painting. But there was a hay ride, a petting zoo, bulldozers and tractors to sit on, and a racetrack. There were also some really delicious donuts!

Henry can't reach the pedals yet, but he was sure trying!

My verdict? It was a sunny, chilly, busy day.  I couldn't feel my ears by the end of our visit, but man, did those boys sleep well Sunday night! We tired them out. I guess racing around can do that.

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