Monday, March 19, 2012

Standing and Even Dancing

Lately, Henry has been pulling up on everything and doing that little shuffle-sideways-walk that looks so cute and makes us all aware of how quickly he is going to be walking.

Here he is pulling up on the screen door.

You might notice our new screen door. Actually, we just had a handyman out to fix all of the wood on our front door area. Check out how bad it was last year. $2200 just to get a new door, screen door, and replace all of the rotted wood. Ahh, the joys of home ownership. Anyway, we're loving the new door. Henry spends half of his days looking out (or in, in this case).

We also had this handyman build a special wood thingie (she said with her highly technical vocabulary) to hold a gate securely. Henry can now dance with joy, and we can let him, without worrying about him climbing the stairs.

For some reason, he loves to wiggle his butt and shake the bars of the gate. I've caught him doing this (gleefully, each time) at least four times in the last two days. 

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