Monday, March 26, 2012

I Must Have Been Slacking

Last year, apparently I was slacking at the end of the season with my gardening. Greg had the boys outside the other day and Nick decided to check out the garden. While Greg was doing something else, Nick climbed into the garden. He climbed out eating one of these:

Greg said he plucked it right out of the dirt. Nick knew what it was right away, because he'd planted them last year and helped me pick them in the fall. I guess he ate several of them.

I started out last year with spectacular plans for a great garden. Nick helped me plant it. Then, you see, I had a baby. I sort of slacked off with the gardening for the rest of the season. I guess I forgot some carrots.

I am rather new to gardening, and I was not aware that carrots can survive under the ground all winter. I have a raised bed garden, so maybe that kept the soil warm. And it was a warm winter. . .

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