Saturday, March 31, 2012

Preschool and Bison Burgers

Despite this being my spring break, it was something of a tough week. Nick has been going through a rather rebellious phase, with many temper tantrums and time outs galore. But not on Friday.   :)

On Friday, Nick was the relatively well-behaved three-year-old we know and love. Perhaps it was because of our trip in the morning. We registered Nick for preschool in the fall. He'll be going in the mornings to a four-day program run through our local school district. Nicholas was super-excited and cannot wait. We celebrated by taking the boys out for bison burgers at Ted's Montana Grill in Naperville.

I do believe that a medium-rare bison burger from Ted's is my favorite burger in the whole world. My mouth is watering even now just thinking of it. Did you know that preschools do not require potty training anymore? It's a good thing, too. Still no success on that front. Oh well, on to happier thoughts. . .

Henry is now old enough to eat pickles, bison, mushrooms, and french fries. He is also drinking from his own cup. Kind of.

I had some bison chili, too, and it was delicious. Nick and Greg split a vanilla shake. It was so thick they had to eat it with a spoon. Nick was sucking as hard as he could and he said, "It won't work!" I commented that it was pretty much the same thing as eating ice cream with lunch. Nick wasn't complaining, though.

I'm astounded that preschool is approaching so fast for Nick. It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny baby, and this summer we're going to have to go shopping for school supplies. You know what's even crazier? When I called to ask about preschool, the secretary could hear Henry crying in the background. "How old is he?" she asked. "Oh, he's only nine months old." Her reply? "So you'll be registering him in just two years." I was speechless. She was right, though. My babies are growing so fast. Maybe it is the bison burgers.

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