Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baking Banana Bread With Mommy

Nick is my budding little chef. All I have to do is mention the topic of cooking, and Nick is in the kitchen, trying to pull out his step stool. Last week we made banana bread with chocolate chips.

I've never been one to be afraid of a mess (just ask my husband), so lately, I let Nick do almost all of the steps in our recipes. He leveled off the measuring cups, stirred the ingredients, dumped the dry ingredients in with the wet, and even turned on the food processor. He hasn't mastered the art of measuring yet, but I'll work on that soon.

He says the food processor is "too loud," but he always wants to add "more cinnameeyun." I like cinnamon, too. Surprisingly enough, the bread turned out well even though Nick somehow spilled a giant spoonful of the dry ingredients on the floor.

We thought our extra-cinnamon-y banana bread was pretty yummy.

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