Thursday, September 15, 2011

Up at the Farm

Last weekend, we took the boys up to Northern Wisconsin for a memorial service for Greg's grandmother. She passed away last February, but the family waited until her birthday weekend to have a graveside service. It was a great way to remember her--far more positive and uplifting of a remembrance than most. 

Anyhow, Nick is well past the point of parallel play and is desperate to interact with other kids. He was absolutely elated when he saw that his cousins were at the farm to play with him. I do believe that Nick thought they were there specifically to entertain him. He kept asking for his cousin Lukas by saying, "Where is that boy?" Why does he like his cousins so much? (I believe they're 2nd cousins, actually, since their parents are Greg's 1st cousins. Is that how this works?)

Cousins make us laugh. (Nick was the one laughing. I'm aware that Henry is looking somewhat dour.)

Nick and his cousin Lukas enjoyed swinging golf clubs at one another. they haven't learned to play, but they were pretty good at whacking things.

Cousins with lots of energy can go swimming even if there's no water. A big field will work!

Henry and Nick also got to spend time with their Grandma Linda and Grandpa Jay. See Henry's relaxed smile?

Cousin Gracie absolutely loved holding Henry. She fed him bottles, helped me change him, and cuddled him for literally hours. 

It was a great weekend for the kids, though it was pretty exhausting with all of the traveling. Do I look tired?

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