Monday, September 19, 2011

Greenery, Fresh Air, and Piles of Paper

That's what is in my classroom, anyway. Since most of my plants have been divided at least once (if not two or three times), greenery is everywhere. (So are piles of paper and random clutter, but that's a quirky part of my personality. Or an annoying part, if you ask my husband.)

The air in my classroom, however, is far fresher than most. I knew that plants produced oxygen, and that indoor environments benefitted from the addition of different kinds of plants. But what I didn't know was how certain plants actually eliminate toxins from the air. I just knew that my asthma has been better since working in this environment. The air also feels and smells better to me, even in the winter when the building is closed up.

Last week, Melissa Arteaga-Marti from Costa Farms emailed me a link to their new magazine, "Growing Style." Here is the link: Please check it out if you have a chance; there are some really good articles about indoor vertical gardening and the healing powers of plants.

My favorite article was the one called, "The Air in There," which discusses different kinds of houseplants and the indoor pollutants they help get rid of, depending on how many you have. My classroom and home are both filled with houseplants, and I add new ones frequently. After reading this article, I'm thinking I will need to search for some anthuriums and goldon pothos. Oh, and several orchids for my bedroom.

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