Thursday, September 8, 2011

Septemberfest 2011

I adore cool, sunny weather, and we've had an abundance of those days lately. Perfect carousel-riding weather.

Last Sunday, we went up to G.G.'s house for Schaumburg's Septemberfest. We last took Nick to this festival in 2009, when he was still a baby. My, has he grown. Until Sunday, however, he had not tried cotton candy.

That situation was quickly rectified, and Nick is now an expert on this sweet treat. Poor Henry wasn't old enough for cotton candy, so he had an alternate treat.

Nick absolutely adored all of the rides. He does not, however, grasp the concept of "all done," and every time it was time to leave a ride, bouncy house, ferris wheel, or other such things, a loud and terrible fit ensued. I can understand why--rides are such fun! This, I believe was Nick's first ferris wheel ride. He went with Grandpa Ray and Grandma Linda, and begged for more.

Both boys enjoyed the carnival and craft fair, but I think Nick's favorite thing was the bouncy house. He absolutely would not come out. We had to bribe him with a cupcake--if we hadn't thought of that, I'm sure he still would be there, bouncing happily away.

We were pretty tired on Sunday, for various reasons. Greg caught up on his sleep while we were visiting with G.G. I forgot how much fun Septemberfest can be--we'll have to make sure to go next year. I will have to remember to bring something to bribe Nick with so he doesn't stay forever.

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