Monday, September 6, 2010

Tall Ships, or as Nick says, "Boats!"

Last weekend we took a trip downtown to see the Tall Ships Festival at Navy Pier. My mother and stepfather came with us, and we had a great time. Thanks to Groupon, we go our tickets for only $10 per person. That helped to counteract the joys of the $25 parking fee. Even though it was extremely hot, the ships were really neat and Nick loved seeing them. He kept pointing and repeating, "Boat!" "Water!" "Birdie!"

We all look a little overheated from waiting in line, but the boats we toured were worth the wait. I would've loved to be able to go sailing on one of these. Maybe next year.

Nick loved having the chance to see his grandparents. In fact, the day after our downtown trip, Nick kept asking for "Papa?!" That's his name for Grandpa Ray. Nick even got to ride on Grandpa's shoulders.

The views downtown were absolutely gorgeous, and even though it was hot, it was cooler at the end of the pier and we got some nice breeze. It was neat to see Navy Pier all filled with these old fashioned boats. I'm kind of a history buff (my undergraduate minor was history), and I enjoyed walking by all of the boats. I still wouldn't have liked climbing up the rigging, though. I'm afraid of heights.

After we were done with the boats, Nick got to ride the carousel with his daddy. He really liked that--so much so that when we saw another carousel this week (as we drove past in the car), he started screaming, "Horsie Fun!" over and over again.

Nick loved the fountains in the inside area of Navy Pier. He was just fascinated by the water, and his Grandma Linda let him get very close. I believe Nick was trying to figure out how the fountain worked. I was just glad his cast was off so he didn't have to worry about getting it wet. He can now play with water anytime he wants.  :)

We also stopped for ice cream, which Nick also loved, of course. We should all take as much joy in simple things as little kids do. It makes me smile to see his face when he gets a special treat.

We loved the Tall Ships festival, and Greg is already saying he wants to go again next year. Oh, and Nick? He just says, "Boats!"

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