Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nick's First Haircut

It was time. I couldn't put it off any longer. Nick needed a haircut. As much as I love the curls, Nicholas has thick hair like mine that was growing more than a little wild. See Exhibit A.

See what I mean? My boy had wild, riotous curls that refused to be tamed. Greg has been asking me to have it cut for a few months now, because people have occasionally mistaken him for a little girl. But I waited, because I really loved those baby curls. Lately, however, Nick's hair has been getting stuck in the snaps on his shirts and in the velcro of his bibs. He's also had some pretty nasty knots.

So this morning, I called and made an appointment at a place called Fun Kuts 4 Kids in Oswego. Their website said that they had cars for the kids to sit in, and I figured Nick would like that. He did.

Nicholas picked the red car to sit in, and he didn't even seem to mind when the stylist put the cape around him. I warned her that Nick had lots of relatives who'd asked for a curl, so they gave me little bags for the beloved blond curls. The stylist was very nice, and she alternately talked to Nick and let him watch cartoons on the tv.

In preparation for his first haircut, I'd had Nick watch a Sesame Street episode about Baby Bear and his haircut. The whole episode is about hair, and Nick watched intently.

I'm not sure if it helped or not, but Nicholas did not appear to be nervous at all. We went with the ubiquitous "boy cut," and the stylist even used a razor on the back. I can't get over how different he looks.

He looks a little dubious about his new look, but I like it. He looks so much older, though, and very much a little man. I miss my baby.

I would say it was a pretty good experience. :)

It was a little expensive for a boy's haircut ($15 for the haircut and $5 for the special certificate) but Nick really liked sitting in the car, so it was worth it. Here's the certificate.

Actually, the only time that Nick got upset and started to cry was when we took him out of the car. He was mad, and he tried to climb back up.


  1. Wow...what a big boy! It's amazing how big they look all of a sudden with a little change like that. Ben gets his hair cut and it makes him look a lot older. He looks super cute; I love a clean cut man!

  2. I'm sitting on my back porch. Just gave my 5 month old son his bottle, listening to country music. At least 3 songs have come on about how fast babies grow up. Jon's finished eating, so he's watching the trees and I'm catching up on my blog reading. And then I read this post, and I just started crying! Haha! I was already thinking about how precious these baby moments are, and then your post is photographic evidence of how he will go from a baby to a little boy in the blink of an eye--almost literally!

    Nick looks adorable as a little boy. I'm glad I found your blog, I feel like I'm getting a glimpse into my future! :)

  3. Thanks Trina. I think Nick has the same haircut as Ben. ;)

    Lydia, you won't believe how fast they grow up. It seems like just yesterday Nick was so tiny that I had to buy him preemie clothes. But I'm not really too sad about it because it's so much fun hearing what he has to say. I think by the time he started talking, I was just thrilled to have a conversation with him. It'll be like that with Jon. You'll be so excited about the little man he's become that you won't miss the little baby. At least not too much. :)