Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Since school started, I have so much to post about and no time to write. I love the beginning of the school year, because there's so much promise. I also actually miss my students, and it's so nice to see them again, even if it's just in passing in the hallway. But I'm already missing the lazy days of summer, now that the craziness of the school schedule has started. I swear, there are some evenings when I do not sit down until it's time for Nick's bedtime, and that's only because he sits in my lap while we read stories. My school has been very hot and humid this week, so I come home every day and take a shower. Hopefully it'll cool down some next week.

Next week, I'm going to post about our trip to Navy Pier to see the Tall Ships. I also have a cool post about the best carrot muffin in the world, and a garden update. But for today, I'm going to talk about Nick and how he was busy with his Grandma Toni.

He loves to get into the laundry basket; in fact, he likes pushing his toys around in it as well. We have tons of developmentally appropriate toys, and yet my son prefers to play with the broom, a laundry basket, and an old toothbrush. Ah, well, at least he's easily entertained. Plus, he's mostly stopped eating the crayons, which is a definite improvement in maturity. Either that or he's figured out that they don't taste very good.

Next is a picture of him coloring with Grandma Toni and I. Lately Nick wants to color for about an hour each day. He doesn't make anything recognizable yet, just scribbles. But he physically puts crayons into our hands and begs us to draw. He likes when we draw shapes so that he can name them and then scribble on them. So far he can recognize (and name) our oh-so sophisticated drawings of the following things: square, house, socks, kitty, circle, star, moon, heart, car, and door.

Nick calls his crayons "colors!" and he just about flipped out on Tuesday when I took him into the store to buy groceries and decided to get an extra box of washable crayons. Poor kid nearly dislocated his arm trying to grab them from the back of the cart. I tried to convince him that he couldn't possibly color while in the cart, but to no avail. Luckily his arms are still short, and he got to color the picture above as soon as he got home.

Nick seems to have inherited his love for a brand new box of crayons from me. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I stockpile new boxes in my classroom, and when I color with my students, I always pull out my own "special" box of sharp new crayons. Of course, I'm such a softie that when my students beg to use my special crayons, I always let them, and then I have to start over again next time with a new box.

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  1. no old can of mixed up leftover crayons for you, huh? That is what we is a metal paint can style container, with a handle. All the half used crayons I ever had since I was young have gone into the can. When Ben colors, which isn't much in the summertime, he digs through the can to find what he wants. We do get new crayons, which I agree, have a certain amount of 'newness' appeal to them, we dump them into the can with the rest. That probably starts you twitching. Ha! Anyways, I have been busy too. Thank God for Labor Day weekend.