Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nick's First Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant

Yesterday Greg and I took Nick to visit his grandma up in Palatine. She treated us to lunch at her favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Para. Nick has never eaten sushi before. And yes, I know better than to feed my baby raw fish. But there's no reason he can't eat cooked sushi rolls and tempura. So he did. And he liked it. I believe he had about as much sushi as I did, although some of it ended up on the floor. He also liked playing with the chopsticks.

Nick also liked flirting with the cute servers in kimonos. He kept grinning at them and then throwing his bottle, binky, and chopsticks on the floor. They inevitably came to pick things up for him, rinsed them off, and placed them on the table with a smile. Nick would then do it again. He knows just how to get a lady's attention.

At this point, I had been feeding Nick avocado and cucumber chunks with my chopsticks. He was staring at my hand, and then he tried using the chopsticks with one hand. No success yet, but not bad for an 11-month old. Plus, I'm very glad to know he likes sushi. He loved the rice but had trouble with the sticky seaweed holding it together. I had to slice it up very small. But every time I held a piece up to my mouth, he opened his. He was like, "Where's mine, Mommy?"


  1. that's funny...ben was just trying to get me to show him how to use chopsticks the other day. We don't eat sushi...I had an unpleasant sensory interaction with wasabi while pregnant, and have never been able to eat the stuff again. Hopefully Nick will continue to eat all this yummy stuff when he gets older.

  2. I noticed you became a follower of mine and I never acknowledged it. My apologies... Welcome to my blog.

  3. And these are too cute pictures. Love his advanced motor skills - chopsticks!