Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sir Readalot's Castle at Nick's School

When I got home from work today, Nick was bouncing around, telling me there was a book fair at his school and we had to go. Now that my boys are both in school, there are two buildings' worth of events to attend. Tonight we went to Nick's elementary school with Grandma Toni. This particular event boasted a medieval theme.

I know. The above knight seems more Roman, but maybe I'm over-thinking the whole thing.

Besides meeting wandering knights and ladies, we were able to listen to some storytellers. Then, Nick and Henry went into the art room to make their own coats of arms.

It's very different being the parent at these events. Good, just different. I'm in my 15th year of teaching this year, but this is my first time visiting an elementary school as a parent.

Henry drew on his coat of arms, too, but he wanted to get back to the book fair. That, you see, is where they keep the Star Wars books.

Nick was a little intimidated by this guy in chain mail. Henry? He kept staring at the guy's wooden sword like he wanted to steal it.

This guy's costume was a little more period-appropriate, I think.

I ended up spending $30 on books for these guys. I was so happy that this book fair doesn't have any toys, so all there was to get excited about was the books.

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