Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Goats and Pigs and Coffee

While we were at Heaps a few weeks back, we visited the farm animals. Nick made friends with this goat, and they seemed to get along okay. Nick's pretty gentle with animals.

Henry stared at this pig, as if to say, "Is this where my bacon comes from?

I can't remember what startled the goat, but when the goat was startled, Nick got startled, too!

Nick said that the goat bumped against the fence and it scared him.

They say goats will eat anything. It doesn't surprise me that this one fancied Greg's coffee. My husband, of course, would not share. He's pretty possessive of his coffee.

Henry saw me taking pictures of Greg and the goat and decided he should be in the center of the picture. Of course he should, he's cute.

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