Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Best Thing About Spring

In my opinion, the best part about spring is getting the boys outside more. We like to take little walks in the woods and let the kids explore. We went to Hammel Woods Forest Preserve, which has a beautiful trail by the river.

Climbing on rocks, looking for the signs of spring, and admiring the river all made our trip enjoyable. This spring has been kind of rough, with cold weather, flooding, and very few nice days. We've tried to catch the sunshine whenever we can.

The boys favorite pastime was throwing rocks and sticks into the river. Their socks and shoes got a little damp, but they loved watching the water and seeing what happened when things fell into the water.

Nick is particularly fascinated by bodies of water, and every time we see a pond, stream, creek, or puddle, he wants to throw something into it. 

Henry spent lots of time poking things with sticks. He was also interested in his shadow and how it moved.

I am hoping for some better weather in May, so we can have the boys outside a whole lot more.

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