Monday, February 18, 2013

My Valentine's Day

This year, I had an especially good Valentine's Day. It all started when I got to see my two little men dressed in their new Valentine's Day shirts. Henry didn't want to have his picture taken, though, as you can see. Their shirts read: The Ladies Love Me--VDay 2013.

What a way to start the day.  :)  Things improved, though. My husband came to my work around mid-day to pick up our insurance card for a doctor's visit. I teased him a bit about how one of my students had asked me if he was bringing me flowers. He laughed and left for his appointment. But he returned. . .

with some red roses for me. How romantic! I gave him a little kiss, scandalizing the third graders I was teaching.

My husband did very well for himself this year. I have never received flowers at work before. Though I suppose he's raised the bar for next year.  ;)   We finished off the evening with a date to Barolo Ristorante in Joliet. We've gone there the last three Valentine's Days in a row.

The calamari, as always, was delightful, though I think our meals weren't as good as we've had in the past from this restaurant. Greg's actual present to me was four couple's dance lessons at DeSarge's Danceworld. We took private dance lessons there before we got married, and we even had our first dance choreographed. It's been awhile since we went, though, and these lessons will be a great excuse for a terrific date night.

Oh, and my present? I bought the stuff necessary for Greg's Ipod to work in his car, which he is really loving. I also got him a fancy gift bag of three different kinds of wine and chocolate. With Greg, wine is never a bad idea for a present. 

We had a great Valentine's Day, and now we'll have date nights to look forward to in the future.

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