Friday, February 15, 2013

Chef Nicolas Creates Key Lime Cheesecake

In honor of Greg's birthday, Nick and I baked him a Key Lime Cheesecake last weekend. I put Henry down for his nap early so Nick and I could have some time together.

I haven't had Nick in the kitchen since Christmastime, and I was impressed at his increased attention span. Nick was able to help with every single step, including stirring gelatin on the stove and squirting lemon juice to a particular line on the measuring cup.

Yup. That's my four-year-old grating lime peel. He isn't potty trained, but he grates well, and not just on the nerves.

Nick also operates the mixer and he knows how to fold in ingredients. I'm not sure what this face was for--I asked him to smile and this is what I got.

I'm a language teacher (ESL), and I find it fascinating as kids learn to follow directions. Nick can now understand when I ask him to turn the mixer knob halfway, or to scrape the bowl slowly.

Daddy loved his special birthday treat, and Nick ate an entire piece by himself.

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