Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lunch with the Easter Bunny

Yup. We had lunch with the bunny. It was awesome, especially for Nick. Henry was a bit confused by the giant furry white rabbit. He tried to give him a lemon wedge.

Since Greg started working on Saturdays, I've been getting used to taking the boys on outings by myself. Sometimes we're successful, other days everyone (myself included) ends up in tears. Today ended up being pretty fun. I took the boys to Downtown Plainfield for their Eggstraordinary day of fun. We started with an early lunch at Bin 48, a restaurant/wine bar. I'd heard they were having "Lunch with the Easter Bunny." Even though we didn't have a reservation, they squeezed us in.

The food was pretty good. I'm sure their wine would've been nice, but it was just before noon and I thought it was a bit early to imbibe. I ordered a fancy grilled cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup.

It was pretty yummy. Henry and I both loved it. He especially loved chewing on the crusts. The waitress also brought him some crackers to smush around.

Nick started out being afraid of the bunny, and ended up dancing with him.

This was a very persistent bunny. Nick was so shy with him at first, so the bunny played peekaboo with him. Nick loved his lunch today because every five minutes or so, that bunny peeked in to see him. I was really happy with the experience. I liked the restaurant, too. 

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