Thursday, April 5, 2012

Houseplants in Jeopardy

Lately, Henry has been a destroyer of all things, especially those things that make a mess when destroyed. Let's take my houseplants, for example.

I've been taking quite drastic measures in order to try to protect my plants. I don't have rare or delicate plants, but the spot by my front door works especially well because of the amount of sun that comes in through the side windows. My plants seem to love this particular location. I am rather proud of the fact that I've kept them alive for so long. At least until dear Henry came along.

No, I did not let him smash the dirt (and the plant) with his hands while I snapped pictures. I came upon him in the aftermath, and figured that if I had to clean up the mess anyway, I might as well have some pictures to document the destruction.

The thing is, Henry is pretty single-minded. When he wants to destroy something, he will keep coming back again and again. If I block off whatever he's trying to get to, he will either find a way to bypass my makeshift childproofing or wail pitifully until Nick bypasses the childproofing. The end result? We had to move my plants for the time being.

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