Sunday, February 12, 2012

Will Henry Be a Handy Man?

And Nick, too? I have high hopes that at least one of my sons will turn out to be handy. You know, good with tools, knowledgeable about cars, and decent at fixing things that are broken.

I am not at all handy, and neither is my husband. We always have many things in our home that need fixing. Perhaps one day Henry (or Nick, for that matter) can help us out with those sorts of tasks. On Saturday, we visited my mom and stepdad, and both boys showed a great amount of interest in Grandpa Ray's tools.

Grandpa Ray is definitely handy, and he was pretty patient while answering all of Nick's questions. Lately Nick asks "Why?" after every single statement made by any adult. Grandpa Ray let the kids briefly touch whatever toys were either safe or retracted. Nick liked the tape measure. Henry especially liked the workbench.

Sometimes I forget about the benefits of having sons. A few weeks back, after a snowstorm, I noticed a pair of teenage boys shoveling a walk near my house as I drove by. It made me smile to think that one day in the not-to-distant future I can send my boys out to shovel the walk, mow the lawn, or rake the leaves. Although I'll love the help with these mundane tasks, it isn't really the free labor that pleases me. It just makes me smile to think of my boys out there being gentlemen and helping take care of the house.

While I certainly am not in a hurry for them to get older, I will really enjoy watching these two learn to master new tasks. With a little luck, perhaps one of them will have that certain knack for fixing things.   :)

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