Monday, February 27, 2012

Bedtime with the Boys

One of the things that makes me smile even during the most depressing parts of winter is bedtime with my boys. I recently bought them matching pajamas. Henry doesn't do well anymore with the button up footie pajamas. He has inherited his mommy's thighs, you see, and the snaps keep getting unbuttoned. Somehow, though, even chubby thighs are adorable on a baby.

I make it a point to read to Nick and Henry every evening. Henry isn't so good at sitting still yet, but he tries. Nick would sit for ten stories, if I let it go on that long. Tonight we read "Grumpy Cat," "Pete the Cat-I Love My White Shoes" and "Maisy on the Farm." Nick is getting pretty good at guessing words in a story. He knows most of his letters and sounds, so we play a game where I read the line and leave off the last word, waiting for him to shout it out. Henry plays a game called "Try to Eat the Book."

After I put him in bed, Nick will keep on "reading" his stories for quite awhile. He even copies my intonation as he reads to himself out loud. After a long, frustrating, chilly winter day, grading papers downstairs while listening to my son read himself to sleep is about as good as it gets.

Anyhow, it makes me happy to cuddle up with my boys and a good picture book. And if I am stalling by reading a few extra children's books instead of getting right to my grading, I suppose procrastination is my prerogative.

Speaking of grading papers, blogging is another great way of procrastinating when there is very important work to be done. I have final grades due for my graduate school class, and here I am editing pictures of my sons instead of reading practicums.  :)

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