Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Chocolate Bomb and Some Big Changes

Yes, there is indeed a dessert called a Chocolate Bomb.

Greg and I went to Barolo's for dinner on Valentine's Day. This is the same restaurant we went to last year, and it was an amazing dinner. But the most interesting part was the dessert. We got something called a chocolate bomb. I believe it was pomegranate ice cream, covered in cake, and then dipped in chocolate. It was delightful.

Greg and I have both been crazy busy this month, so it was nice to get away for an evening. Greg has only two weeks left of working his day job. He has quit in order to stay home with the kids, though he'll still see clients in private practice in the evenings. Greg is a therapist, so he started working evenings at a practice in Hinsdale to start this transition. This has meant that the last three months he's worked three nights per week, plus Saturdays, in addition to his full time job. We are hoping (desperately, desperately hoping) that we will be better off financially, even if Greg works fewer hours. The cost of daycare has become prohibitively high, and Greg was lucky enough to have this opportunity, so we're taking the leap.

I think Greg will make a great stay-at-home daddy.   :)

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