Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Very Determined Henry

This boy really wanted to play with the bells. I can understand why Henry was so interested. These bells are colorful, and they make a neat sound when you shake them.

I kept frustrating him by putting them just outside of his reach, but every time, Henry figured out how to scoot close enough to grab them.

This locomotion thing is pretty cool, isn't it Henry? I took this video of Henry's triumph over the bells.

Henry is not crawling yet, but he's definitely moving around a lot. Just today, I've seen him roll, scoot, and complete a near-perfect army-crawl. I am very proud of him.   :)


  1. Yes, that is a very good army crawl...Ben did that for quite a while... Ben also liked to roll in one direction and then scream when he got stuck against something, and couldn't roll back the other way. LOL. Henry looked very irritated while trying to get the bells. Your house must be very exciting these days.

  2. Exciting? Yes, definitely. Also dangerous. Nick likes to play with things that are decidedly not for babies, and he isn't careful about what Henry gets ahold of. Henry also loves to eat paper.