Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nick learns about money

Last weekend we went to the bank. Greg and I finally opened a joint savings account. We've been married for three and a half years, so I guess it was time.

Anyhow, we brought both boys with us. Nick was extremely energetic and the account manager tried to entertain him with crayons and the like. What really made him excited, though, was this bank.

He did say "Thank you!" to the bank employee when she gave it to him, but then he was confused. "Where's the money?," he asked insistently. We made him earn that when he got home. All day, we gave him checks on his hand, and we counted them up at the end of the day and gave him just that many coins.

I'm pretty sure that Nick doesn't understand the concept of money, yet. But he sure does love that little bank.

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