Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nick's Dance Moves

On Friday we had our new TV hooked up, and the Dish Network technician set us up with some great channels. One of the things I like best is all of the Sirius radio channels. I'm usually too lazy to hunt for cds, but I will turn on the radio for some jazz, classical, or rock any day of the week.

Nick loves to dance, and today he was inspired by some Latin beats. Below you can see him dancing with a penguin friend. You can also get a sneak peak at our new living room. I'm not quite ready to reveal all of the changes, but you can see the dresser that I bought instead of an entertainment center, along with Greg's Christmas present-a new hdtv set.

I think Nick is almost waltzing to this music. 

Sometimes when Nick dances he just spins in circles, but I asked him to move his feet and show Henry (who was sitting in my lap) how to dance. He showed me, but at one point, check out what he did to show Henry how to move his baby feet.

Perhaps I should teach Nick some different kinds of dances. The boy needs a lot of exercise.  :)

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