Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Months Already?

Yup. Mr. Henry turned five months old this week. Even Henry is surprised at how fast he is growing.

This week we had to buy size 3 diapers for Henry. That's in addition to the size 5 diapers we still have to buy for Nick. Henry sure is growing fast. He is not, however, sleeping well. That means, unfortunately, that Greg and I aren't sleeping well.

The last few nights have been especially rough. After teaching my class on Tuesday night and not getting home until 9 p.m., I then had parent-teacher conferences Wednesday and Thursday nights. Greg and I switch off getting up with Henry, but either way, we're both up when he is up.

On Wednesday night, Henry woke up when I was in the middle of my deepest kind of sleep. I only vaguely remember going over and picking him up. What I thought I did was set him next to me, snuggle him, and stick the bottle in his mouth. I then immediately passed out. I have quite the sleep debt lately.

Henry went to sleep relatively quickly, but we woke up in a huge puddle. I realized, at 6 a.m. when I woke up and Henry was still sleeping next to me, that I hadn't put the bottle in his mouth at all. Apparently, I stuck the bottle in Henry's armpit and went to sleep. The entire bottle leaked all over my pajamas, Henry's pajamas, and our sheets. I felt like an absolute moron.

I read this book recently called Brain Rules, by John Medina. He talks a lot about sleep debt, and how it can negatively impact your whole life. One thing that was mentioned was how your IQ can drop at least a point for every hour of sleep you've lost. I guess this IQ loss is cumulative until you get caught up on sleep. No wonder I feel like a moron. I'm not a huge proponent for the validity of IQ tests in general, but I've probably dropped at least 30 points in the last few months due to sleep loss. I suppose it's not surprising I fed my baby's armpit.

See? Henry is laughing at me. I love this little munchkin, but I do wish he would sleep. He would have a much smarter mommy.

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