Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raking Leaves with Grandpa and Making Chili with Grandma

Nick loves to be a helper. Last weekend I took the boys up to my mom's house for the day so that Greg could paint our living room. (More on that another day. But yes, it's finally painted.)

I dressed both boys in what I call "Grandpa shirts." That's because all of their Grandpas wear button-up shirts. I told Nick he had to wear his new brown boots because they were "leaf-raking boots."

He loved raking the leaves and hiding in them. Grandpa Ray buried Nick in a whole pile of fall leaves. We put Henry on top of the pile, but he wasn't sure what to think. I bet those leaves felt weird.

Nick was terribly excited, and he loved raking the leaves. Last year, we bought him his own little rake, and Nick brought it with to "help."  The weather was cool, but not too chilly. I'm hoping we get similar weather this coming weekend. I love the way the boys look in their matching flannel shirts.

Speaking of "helping," Nick helped stir the chili, which was our lunch. I'm sure he would've helped even more if Grandma Linda would've let him.

I'm so glad I took a break from writing my chapter to focus on the boys and enjoy a day with my family. Every minute with these little guys is worth it.

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