Monday, October 3, 2011

My Wallpaper Removal Expert

Does anyone need wallpaper removed? I have a short laborer who does decent work, though he makes quite a mess.  Greg finally finished taking down the wallpaper in our living room today, and Nick decided he would help. My nearly-three-year-old can now take down wallpaper with the best of them.

He started out using a spatula and spreading water on the wall. Then, when he figured out that he wasn't actually taking down any wallpaper, he got mad and moved to the stairs. I showed him how to strip the floral wallpaper, and he went to town on it.

So if you'd like some wallpaper removed, just let me know. He can only do the stuff below waist level, but he has mastered the art of wallpaper removal. The only problem is that I'm worried he'll just randomly try to remove other people's wallpaper.  ;)   So beware if we come to your house. 

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