Sunday, October 16, 2011

Michigan Beaches and Vineyards Galore

I am dreaming of beaches, nice weather, and good wine this weekend as the weather gets cooler.

Last month I had the opportunity for a ladies' getaway to St. Joe, Michigan. The weather was surprisingly warm, and I had a final taste of summer. Along with three of my lady friends, I had a weekend of sleeping in, girl talk, and good wine. We visited vineyards and sampled lots of different kinds of wine and grapes.

I found wine I liked at every place we visited, and I went home with nearly a case of wine. Now I wish I had bought more, because there are only a few bottles left. There's nothing like drinking wine that was made just feet from where you're standing. I think we ended up visiting four or five vineyards, and all of them were excellent. My favorite one was called Karma Vista. They had this white wine called "Starry, Starry Night." It was so good I wish I'd bought four or five bottles. They also had a red wine called "Watusi Red." It tasted like grape jam. Yum. 

Wine grapes taste very different from the grapes you buy at the store. We sampled a few from each vineyard. I was amazed at how different each kind of grape tasted. 

My friends and I also spent a lot of time at the beach. The weather was gorgeous and the town of St. Joseph was just amazing. 

I love the way sand feels between your toes. I haven't visited a real (ocean) beach in years, but this one in Michigan is about as good as it gets without a plane trip. The sand was so soft. I love walking right where the water meets the land. The water was ice cold, but it felt great between my toes. Walking on the beach is great exercise, too.

I'm so glad I was able to go on this weekend getaway. Oh, and the next time I go to this part of Michigan, I'm leaving enough room in the trunk for a few cases of wine.   :)

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