Friday, March 26, 2010

Pointing isn't rude when you are only 1 year old!

At least, I hope it isn't rude, because Nick points at everything all the time. I always try to guess at what he's pointing at and name it for him. He points at people, too. Today, in the Costco, Nick kept pointing to the sample ladies and screaming, "No!" I do believe that's his way of asking for something. Sigh. He doesn't understand the true meaning of the word no. He just knows that people say it a lot to him.

It was pretty funny, though. He got to try cinnamon rolls, tilapia, pita crackers with hummus, crackers with garlic cheese, a chocolate fudge tart, a berry tart, and two kinds of muffins. Nick is getting spoiled with the snacks there; by the time I got to the aisles that didn't have sample ladies, he was pointing at where the samples "should" have been and screaming. Then he got mad and started emptying my purse onto the floor. Good thing I noticed before he got to my wallet. I do believe I lost a few coupons, though.

In the picture above, Nick was pointing a the birds. He loves them, and he follows the birdies with his finger. He will not, however, say bird for me. He's standing in front of the raised bed garden (square foot garden, actually) that I bought three years ago. It's looking pretty beat up, but you can actually see the beginnings of strawberries and catnip sprouting. The strawberries are for us and the catnip is for our cats.

The green that can be seen under all of the dead vegetation means that spring is here! You wouldn't know it from the 30 degree temperatures today, but soon I will be able to break out the sandals and put away the sweaters. I can't wait. Best of all, my spring break begins today. My only hope is that a few days will be warm enough to sit on my screened in porch. Below you can see the view I have. It is lovely and relaxing, and I'm desperately hoping for a 60 degree day.

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