Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Funday

We haven't been to The Ball Factory in awhile, so today was the day. I had forgotten how six hours straight of Kidz Bob tunes can drive one crazy. 

Today was "organize the toys" day for Greg, which means I had to get the kids out of the house. I also had several hours of grading to do and a four-hour grad school class to plan. (I'm getting observed this week, so I have to be on.) Therefore, $25 (plus the cost of lunch) didn't seem too bad for the opportunity to get some work done and make my kids happy at the same time. 

Oh, and were they ever happy. Chicken nuggets and special yogurt with marshmallow googly eyes for lunch? Check. Gelato ice cream cone (for Henry) and a chocolate muffin (for Nick)? Check. Balls to throw at other kids? Check, check, check, check.

As for me, I claimed one end of a red couch (the one Henry's on) with my laptop bag, a green marking pen, and hundreds of grad school assignments. Nick and Henry came to say hi and fill me in on the kid gossip every 20 minutes or so, but they played all day, from before noon until we left around 5:30. If either of them had been wearing a FitBit, I bet their numbers would've been off the charts!

A neverending game of dodgeball in a pit? Sounds like a nightmare to me, but Nick spent hours happily whipping balls at other kids. (And, one would assume, getting those same balls thrown at him at top speed.)

Henry preferred dancing with the other kids (to the endless Kidz Bop tunes, of course). I asked him on the way home what his favorite thing to do at The Ball Factory is, and he said, "The big dark slide." 

Even though I can't get the Justin Bieber songs out of my head, it was still a decently productive day. Oh, and just in case you were wondering why I blogged three days in a row. . . one of my new year's resolutions this year is to blog a minimum of four times per month, and today is the last day of January. Last year I had exactly 48 posts, so I also would like to beat that by at least a few posts. Whether I'll succeed remains to be seen, but hey, at least I haven't blown my resolution in the first month.

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