Sunday, August 9, 2015

School Supply Shopping with Nick, the First Grader

I can hardly believe that Nicholas will be going to first grade this Thursday. Really. My boy will be at school every day until 3:40 p.m. (Can you hear Greg cheering about this?)

Here's Nick's before and after haircut pictures. He went from shaggy to stylish!

This year, I decided to take the boys shopping for school supplies separately, so that each one could have a little time with me. (Also, so that Henry didn't cry because he doesn't need as many supplies as Nick.

Nick was pretending he was a spy on a secret school supply mission. Thus the "man purse," sunglasses, and serious look.

First graders really do need a ton of supplies. I ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon, but we still spent several hours in two different stores on the hunt for very specific items. (A two-pocket folder in orange? Not at Target, that's for sure.)

Nick loved this pencil box (with chalkboard label) because it was the only one with a handle.

We had to drive up to the Meijer on the hunt for an orange folder and wide-ruled notebooks. I guess everyone bought out the ones at Target. I really like spending time with just one of my kids at a time. It's a nice change of pace. Nobody pokes anyone else, and there's no squabbling.

Success! An orange folder. 

I suppose I like school-supply shopping a little more than your average mom. Teachers get a little too excited about back-to-school supplies, and I'm no exception.

I think I was more excited about writing on his supply box with chalk than he was.

I took this opportunity to take Nick out to lunch, and I let him pick. He chose The Lucky Bamboo, an Asian restaurant near us. I think it was the pinkest restaurant I've ever seen.

Not my favorite Asian restaurant, but Nick gave the crab rangoon a thumbs-up.

Since Nick's teachers requested all plain folders, (Boo, Hiss from Nick) I got Nick moustache stickers for name labels, and I let him pick out some stickers to decorate with.

I would call it a pretty good day, though my wallet is much lighter than when I woke up this morning. Happy Back-to School!

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