Monday, August 17, 2015

Nick's Summer is Over. . .

Even though it is insanely hot outside, summer, for us, is officially over. The boys started back to school on Thursday. Here's Nick waving on his way to school Friday morning.

Yup. That's Darth Vader on his t-shirt playing basketball.

Here is Nick's first assignment from the first grade. It asks, "How do you feel on the first day of school?"

Nick is sitting at his desk crying brown tears that are reminiscent of a moustache.

Yup. He feels sad. I can't say that I blame him, though so far I think he is liking first grade just fine. Nick has recently made a few friends in the neighborhood, and he loves the freedom of riding his bike to play with them. I hope this didn't make the teacher feel too bad, though I'm sure she's heard it before. I wonder what it would look like if teachers had to fill out this paper and illustrate it. . . Perhaps our answers would be similar to Nick's? I would write simply, "I feel overheated." (My school has no air conditioning.)

Here's Nick giving the thumbs-up to first grade.

Ahh, well. Nick had a great first couple of days, no matter how sad he said he was--summer has to end sometime. I know that Nick wanted it to last longer, though. He is still wearing his Great Wolf Lodge bracelet from our trip in July!

Nick looks like such a big kid in this picture.  

Happy beginning of the school year!

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