Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Saturday with My Sons: Spinning Dinosaurs, The Cat in the Hat, and a Waterpark for the Car!

I spend just about every Saturday with my boys. Greg works the whole day, and during this time I have to caffeinate myself so that I can keep up with the kids. I also tend to do the grocery shopping with them, because I'm a brave woman. 

That's a Greek Yogurt goatee on Henry. Every time I wipe it off he sneaks a few more bites and it reappears.

See the dinosaur in the baggie? Henry had "green day" for show-and-tell on Friday, and his grandma found this little guy for him to bring. He hadn't been played with for awhile, but he's Henry's favorite toy, as you can clearly see. 

Last week Nick's Kindergarten celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. The culminating activity was a read-in, where the kids brought three books (Dr. Seuss books if possible) and a beach towel to school. They made Dr. Seuss hats and bow ties. Nick played with his all weekend and kept trying to "glue" it back together when it broke. (What, you ask, did he use to try to glue it back together? Mommy's expensive chapstick.)

I took the van to the car wash on Saturday as well, as a little gift to Greg. Honestly, I was just sick of getting dirty salt on my coat and pants every time I brushed up against the van. 

Henry said the car was "like a water park for the car!" He asked me if we could go again today. 

It was a very productive Saturday. I graded over 30 assignments for my grad students, had the van washed and detailed, meal-planned, cleaned the kitchen, did five loads of laundry, cleared out the fridge, set the bread maker to make two loaves of bread, and filled the van with groceries. Had I known ahead of time how many things I'd be doing, my face probably would've looked like this guy's face. 

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