Friday, December 19, 2014

So was I brave or just mildly crazy?

This afternoon, after leaving work on my last day before winter break, I decided to take the boys and head over to the Best Buy to get a new laptop. I told the boys that if they were good while I shopped, I'd take them to "a fun place" afterwards. If, however, they didn't behave in the store, we would go straight home. The boys know that I follow through on this--the last three shopping trips have ended with us heading straight home. Today, though, it was a week-before-Christmas miracle!

How did he get here? Good behavior!

My laptop started going last week. Tonight it joined the laptop graveyard. We now have three laptops in the graveyard: two Toshiba's and an HP.

From bottom: Slow and old, busted hard drive, and a screwed-up battery

I ended up being in the store for around an hour. Nick sat in the big part of the cart and Henry sat up front. They traded off playing with my phone. Henry took 147 pictures.

Yup, I have to go through and delete them all. A whole bunch of them were Henry selfies.

Nick prefers taking video of himself.

Overall, the boys sat in the cart, played, and let me talk to the salesman and look at the different laptops.

I ended up with an HP touchscreen laptop--a cheap one because I'm tired of buying pricey laptops that don't even last two years. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it, though.  I'm afraid the processing speed might not be enough. Also, the touchpad is a little wonky and I don't know if I can get used to it. No matter what, though, I'm going to keep the laptop bag I found.

Notice the comfy couch behind my bag? That's where I spent my evening. We left the Best Buy and went directly to the Ball Factory, a play space across the street that serves food and has free wifi. I used the opportunity to set up my new laptop and relax a bit.

Nick played on the foot piano, and Henry played on the little tractors.

They both did plenty of climbing, sliding, and jumping into the ball pit. We stayed until bedtime, but Henry and Nick earned it.

Should I take them to the mall to finish Christmas shopping, or is that just pushing my luck?

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