Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. . .

On Sunday Greg brought up our Christmas tree from the basement. Since our basement is not used for much of anything, we just leave the tree set up down there and bring it up every December. Usually we make a whole event out of decorating the tree, but this year I came home and Greg had done it all. Ahh well.

Right after Nick took this picture, Henry reached over, grabbed one of the felt ornaments on the Advent Calendar, and tried to put it in his pocket. The stinker actually thought I wouldn't notice!

Lest you think we have only one Advent Calendar, Nick is showing you the awesome Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar his Auntie Mandy got him for his birthday. Each day Nick gets another little piece of Lego heaven, this year with a Star Wars twist. See?

Our other Advent Calendar you can see in the background, here. My mother made it when my sister and I were little, and it has all these cute little felt ornaments that go up on the tree. We hung it up high this year to prevent the kids from stealing the pieces.

Ahh, the Lego toys that I will soon be stepping on. . . 

The stockings are hung on nails over our kitchen table, the tree is up (crooked and missing branches, but it's up), the wreath is on the door, and the elf is on the shelf.  Time for storytime. . .

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