Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick turned six this week. My little man is growing up. Sniff. We celebrated by ordering him a miniature trampoline. I can't wait until it's all set up--they can bounce to their hearts' content.

Notice Henry eyeing the gift he got Nick. He's plotting to run away with it.

Henry really struggled with the whole "these presents are not for me" idea. I took him with me to the store to help pick out Nick's gifts, and I had Henry choose one of the gifts to be "from" him. He didn't quite get the concept.

Nick was happily ripping into his gifts. Henry. . . well, his daddy had to hold him back.

Yes, Henry is trying to snatch back the present he got for Nick. 

Thank goodness Nick loves to read! I snagged him some great nonfiction titles from my school's book fair a few weeks back.

Since Nick has been really into Legos lately, we got him a set of bricks. Henry picked out a Lego Star Wars ship for Nick, but he just wouldn't let it go.

We took Nick out for a special meal at Moe Joe's in Plainfield. Surprisingly enough, we've never eaten there before. The Cajun-style food was really yummy, and the decor was cool. Would you believe Nick called this the "lowercase t wall?"  My kid cracks me up sometimes.

I think this is the only moment during our entire meal that Henry sat still.

Instead of a birthday cake, Nick had birthday beignets! It was amazingly delicious. I wish we'd ordered more.

Happy Birthday to my big six-year-old!

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