Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Visit to the Jelly Belly Factory (told through pictures)

This tour had better be worth the really long wait!

Whoa, are those giant jelly beans hanging from the ceiling? Maybe this will be cool after all.

Is this a train or some kind of tram? I'm not too sure if I like these "required hats."

I  like the hats so much I'm going to give my best grin!

Henry might be too cool to pose in front of the jelly bean "painting," but we're not!

Wait, you mean if we wait in line we get free jelly bean samples? Yay!

So you're going to buy me this, right mommy? Look at my nice smile.

No, I didn't stuff my mouth full of jelly beans. Why do you ask?

Do you mean we can just walk up to this "bar" and order any flavor we like? What a cool concept! We like bars!

So if there are jelly beans on the car, does that mean it is filled with jelly beans? Can we eat some?

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