Friday, June 13, 2014

Star Wars Day 2014

Last Saturday, I took a break from the crazy amount of work I had to do in order to take my boys to Star Wars Day in Joliet. I'm so glad that I did!

Star Wars Day is a crazy event, filled with costumed participants, demonstrations, and special games and events just for kids.

Where else can you find a reenactment of the trash compactor scene in the middle of the library. . . .?

. . . or go bowling with a giant ball?

. . . or chase R2D2 all around the lobby?

. . . or grab some lemonade at the canteen. . . no droids allowed!

The boys got all dressed up in their Star Wars gear, and they got special passes to wear as necklaces. (Yes, Henry's wearing a Yoda T-shirt. It says, "Awesome is my auntie." It can count for both his Aunt Sarah and his Aunt Mandy. The boys both got to bang this big guy's arm off with a big stick, too.

Henry found this nice lady dressed as Yoda, and he ran up and kept hugging her. She was very nice and let Henry feel her ears.

Nick really wanted this guy's light saber.

Henry thought this guy was just his size. Nick was a little afraid at first.

Last Saturday was really fun, and I'm pretty sure we'll be going again next year.

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