Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nick was a ring bearer!

My sister-in-law got married a few weeks ago, and Nicholas was asked to be the ring bearer. He was so excited and proud!

Alright, I don't know about proud, but he sure was excited to be in the city. I don't think he understood quite what his role was in the ceremony either. He thought his tuxedo was pretty cool, though.

I don't think Nicholas will be too shy to talk to girls when he gets older. He was schmoozing these lovely bridesmaids and snatching their crackers before the ceremony. He had never met either lady before, but snuggled right in as soon as he had the opportunity.

For the actual ceremony, Nick, as per usual, didn't follow directions. He walked out and ran past the aisle. Then, when prompted by smiling wedding guests, he ran back the way he came. Finally, the third time was the charm, but he ran full force up the aisle toward his beloved Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jay.

At least he had a smile on his face. The flower girls (Nick's cousins) did their jobs perfectly and looked adorable in their matching dresses. Here they are with the bride and groom.  :)

Nick loved the music and the dancing, and he was even dancing in his chair at one point.

Then I took him out on the floor, and we discovered that Nick has moves!

I'm actually not sure where he got them from. Greg is not a dancer, and though I will dance, my skills are extremely limited. Nick can copy the dance moves of others really quickly. He also has very little shyness.

Nick took a little break, and since it more than two hours after his bedtime, he drifted off.

He woke up when he heard his favorite song start, though. Nick is a huge fan of Psy and his big hit, "Gagnam Style." He ran out onto the dance floor and started doing the dance. His moves were actually mostly correct, and he copied everyone else. All the other kids were pretty much gone by then, and the adults thought it was pretty cool to have a four year old out there dancing with them.

The other dancers moved in a circle around the dance floor and let Nick have the center. Then they clapped for him as he broke it down, Gagnam Style. He had a whole crowd cheering for him!

I did get Greg out for one dance, but I think he wasn't in the mood. That's okay. I had Nick to dance with.

By the time midnight was nearing, Nick's little body finally gave up and he passed out. This is one of my favorite photos of the night, because Nick looks so peaceful. (More like comatose.) It was a great wedding.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jay used a very talented wedding photographer, who got some beautiful shots. If you'd like to see them, click here. Congratulations Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jay!

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