Monday, January 7, 2013

Bouncing Boys

Last Saturday morning, after about the 50th time of pulling Henry off the furniture (he likes to climb), I decided to take the boys to a place where they could work off some of their excess energy.

We went to Bounce U Up in Plainfield, and the boys had an excellent time. Surprisingly, they never did tire out, even after about 2 1/2 hours of bouncing.

I was exhausted from chasing them from bouncy house to bouncy house.

Henry adored the climbing part, though he was too scared to go to the top. (This time, at least.) Nick, on the other hand, flung himself with gusto all over every surface.

Nick loved throwing the balls across the bouncy house and at the other kids. At one point he played dodgeball with some bigger boys, who teamed up to get him with the balls after he'd gotten one of them in the head. I think he deserved it.

While this trip wasn't cheap, it sure kept them busy for a few hours.

I do wish I could bottle the Henry and Nick energy that abounds in my home lately.

I could've used some of their energy as I headed back to school today.

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