Friday, August 12, 2011


Lately, when Nick gets bored, I've been taking him park-hopping. Novelty is the name of the game, and new parks are always exciting. We have mastered the art of park-hopping.

So here is our strategy. I always pick up lunch (usually Panera) and drive around a nearby subdivision. I tell Nick to "Look for a park!" I may pass up one that doesn't look fun or that is mostly for older kids, but generally I let him pick.

See, the brilliant part of this strategy is that the newness of the park enthralls Nick, and he runs around excitedly for at least twenty minutes. That is long enough for me to eat my salad and relax. A relaxing meal is rare around here, and if park-hopping buys a few minutes of peace, so be it.

Henry usually just chills in his carseat, but sometimes he sits with me on the bench and we get in some snuggle time while Nick runs.

New slides, new creatures to climb, and new woodchips to throw means that Nick plays until exhaustion hits. He has a very good nap after a park-hop. This helps Nick get his exercise quota in, and helps me maintain sanity. Plus, it's fun to watch him run around the park. I wonder if I burn more calories watching him run around while I sit on a bench?

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