Friday, August 19, 2011

Milwaukee Vacation, Day One

Sleep deprivation can be absolutely horrible. I, for one, turn into a raging meanie when I haven't had at least 8 hours. Since Henry was born, I've lost a lot of sleep. Greg and I wanted to have a little getaway before my school started, for two reasons. First, we didn't celebrate our anniversary much this year, because it was on June 8th, the day before I had Henry. Also, we wanted to get two full nights of sleep.

We chose the Manderley Bed & Breakfast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A few months ago a Groupon came up for a discounted rate, and I took advantage of that to get Greg a surprise present for Father's Day and our 3rd wedding anniversary. Grandma Toni and Aunt Sarah came to our house to watch the boys, so we wouldn't have to worry about them. We could just enjoy ourselves.

The giant jacuzzi bathtub helped us to relax. I desperately want one of these in my home. Yes, that's a hand-painted mural in the background.

The house itself was gorgous and beautifully maintained. I love old houses, and there were many antiques to look at throughout all of the rooms. At first, we were a little concerned because the neighborhood wasn't the most affluent, but this house was gorgous. The innkeeper is a stained glass artist, and his work is shown throughout the house.

The grounds were lovely, and there was a family of kitties roaming about.

We have never stayed in a B & B before, and I have to say that highlight of the trip was the breakfasts themselves. We got to sit at the fancy dining room table and indulge in a leisurely breakfast while asking the innkeeper questions about the home and about Milwaukee. He had great ideas of where to visit, and the food was spectacular.  I believe this meal was a veggie frittatta with yogurt, sausage, and toast. There were also yummy muffins.

I would definitely stay in a B & B again. I loved the experience. It was far more personal than staying in a hotel. Every antique in the place was touchable, so it was kind of like living in a museum for a few days.

The best part, though, was the sleeping. We got at least 8 hours each night, and I, for one, woke up each morning feeling like a new woman. Everything looks brighter and more beautiful when you have had enough sleep.

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