Friday, July 8, 2011

What I Should Be Doing. . .

What I Should Be Doing:

1. Working on the 4+ loads of laundry piling up. Between the three onesies Henry has been through today, and all of the wet man panties and shorts Nick has gone through, I really need to get started on this.

2. Editing my 30 page chapter, which is due by Sunday at the latest. I'm way behind.

3. Making sure that I got all of the oatmeal clumps cleaned up after breakfast this morning. The sheer scope of the sticky oatmeal disaster was enormous. That stuff is like glue, not to mention the blueberries that Nick somehow squished.

4. Cleaning the breast pump for the umpteenth time today.

5. Making a grocery list. We're out of everything.

6. Weeding my garden. Enough said about that.

7. Doing my monthly budget and paying bills.

8. Deciding how to make a healthy dinner tonight out of leftover smorgasbord.

9. Finishing addressing the birth announcements. I'm way behind on that.

What I Am Actually Doing:

1. Helping Nick build a garage for all of his cars.

2. Cuddling with Henry. He seems to have some kind of tummy irritation, and he kept us up all night, making sad faces. Poor guy. The only thing that calms him is skin to skin contact.

Doesn't it look like he's waving at you?

3. Taking a nap. Right. Now. Yawn.


  1. He looks like he's signaling to you about '4' of something. Lol. I've got lots of things I should be doing. Only some of them are actually getting done. You'll get there.