Monday, July 18, 2011

A Night Out? Really?

I actually got to go out on Saturday night. I don't mean the kind of going out that one does where you run into the grocery store for milk. I'm also not talking about the last minute run to the Walgreens for some baby prune juice or diapers. No, I mean I went out. Like, to dinner. With friends. Without children.

These two ladies were bridesmaids in my wedding, and this is the first time we've all been together since then. I've seen each of them individually, but we haven't gone out. Here we are back in 2008. I'm the one in the wedding dress, in case you couldn't tell. It was two children and a few pounds ago for me.

Anyway, we weren't too wild on our ladies night out. We went to Heaven on Seven and had drinks and then jambalaya and red beans and rice. Yum. It was very spicy, but so good.

We walked around downtown Naperville for awhile, watching all of the people who are used to going out on Saturday nights. There were the very young 20-somethings who made me feel a little old, and the 40-somethings in their cocktail dresses and way too much makeup and botox. There didn't seem to be many people in-between. At one point, we looked for a bar to stop and get a drink in, but no place seemed right.

We did stop at Le Chocolat Bar for dessert, but unfortunately, they don't serve any actual liquor. Instead I had this:

Not too shabby. I bought Greg some truffles as a thank-you for watching the boys (Our 2 plus Gardenmom's son). He was a little overwhelmed with three kids, but he rose to the occasion. I wish I'd bought one of these cupcakes to take home as well.

For me, at least, it was just nice to spend an evening with my friends without having to wrangle little people. Feminine conversation is very good for the soul. I actually relaxed and had a wonderful time. I think I need to do stuff like this more often.


  1. Wasn't this fun? I totally would love to do this again soon. Us 'normal' mom girls. Lol.

  2. It looks like you and Trina had a great time! Maybe someday soon we will get together and have some fun! Maybe at Trina's wedding!

  3. It is so necessary to get out sometimes. A definite stress reliever.

    . . . And I'll definitely want to have at least "a few" drinks at the wedding!