Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swingin' and Dancin'

Greg found our baby swing in the basement this morning. We have the deluxe version. It has a mobile, a vibrating seat, and multiple swing speeds. It plays classical music, nature sounds, white noise, or a mother's heartbeat. Henry is very cool with the swing.

It was way too hot to take the kids outside today. It was 96 degrees and humid, with a heat index well over 100. We had to find other ways to entertain the boys. For Henry, the swing was enough.

He looks so little buckled into the swing. Nick was even smaller, but he outgrew the swing in just a few months. It's crazy to think Henry will be too big for this swing, probably before the year is out.

My younger son has the strangest facial expressions. He's a very serious baby, but sometimes his expression almost seems to be mocking us. Is this perhaps a sneer?

Poor Nick didn't get to swing today. No park for him--we didn't want anyone to overheat. Nick goes nuts when he can't run around outside. He was generally well-behaved today, but it was clear that he was ready to explode with energy, much like the illegal fireworks our neighbors procure and use improperly every July.

Observe his energy, and you will feel exhausted just from watching.

I'm not sure if you can hear it in the background, but Nick has his little drum playing music in the background. Lately, he likes to set this toy to "Spanish" and attempt to copy their words. That is the gibberish you hear him saying as he frantically dances and spins. Oh, and lest you think that this was a momentary burst of energy, please know that Nick danced like this for nearly 45 minutes.

Nick is not the only one who got some exercise today. Henry was practicing his baby push-ups. He can stay up for longer and longer periods, and he always wants to look into my eyes.

Greg thinks his eyes will be green. As he grows, though, I'm thinking Henry will have blue eyes, even though his daddy says it isn't fair that both of our kids have my eyes. I suppose time will tell.

He is definitely getting stronger. I've been giving Henry lots of tummy time to practice. 


  1. Henry's faces are intense! How much fun you must be having getting to know him.

  2. Yeah, I have the feeling he's going to be a very deep thinker. Perhaps a philosopher? Not sure yet. No matter what, it's hilarious watching him.